Saturday, November 7, 2015

request, plea, verily

see me, feel me, touch me, heal me, show me, grow me, most of all, know me... and that might have been the title had the title not been written before the first line... it could also be the title of this life i loosely call mine, or the story, even... but then, the title of this entry can probably considered a definition of what the first line is meant to be and the search for the fulfillment of the desire within the first line can be considered the story of this life as i've known it... yes, now it's much clearer, isn't it (wide eyed stares all around)... and can you find the diamonds in the rough?...

what i want most in this world
before life comes to it's end
is someone to care enough
to be my best friend

what i want most in this life
is someone who won't pretend
unconditional trust
that is a best friend

someone who wants to put me first
and always wants to be
honest, open, by my side
and the one i want to put ahead of me

someone who never gets enough
of sharing time and space
together with nothing to hide
who wants to be tied with me at the end of the final race

what i want most in this life
is to find my twin star
an equal partner in everything
always hello, never au revoir

i know you're out there somewhere
you may be near or far
and what i want most of all
is to be where you are

so in conclusion, as i said (possibly repeatedly, or is that meerly prophesy... or request, plea, verily?), perhaps if i keep diving deeper into distraction (what?), perhaps someone will find the fading optimism i am trying to save...

and in another mood... i still want to believe... (verily... out of the blue)... in a heart that's true... that's what i do... i still want to believe in a heart that's true...

PS, I love you...

it really is no secret, of course i should be sleeping, which would have been a nice quippy close and was for years, more than six years in fact (or longer than that, even... what? what? what?... what?), but what is time, anyway... or is watt energy? (what?)... what-ever... when (where?) this came along and i just had to continue once again, because i love you (and me too), so here's another shot at all the strange and wonderful links that were in one or more of previous entries, m'ok?... thank you for caring (yeah) and choosing to spend time with my words (word?)... your words are wery welcome here... encouraged, even... and now (or when ever, even), with even more further ado, some impromptu fortuitous philosophy and nonchalant self-promoting (cuz i really want someone to know me {or something like that}, motivation is important in this life, ya know?), more of this, which is whatever you want it to be (it will be if you understand what makes everything move {and i mean everything and that is just where it begins} with intensity {sigh} beyond reason {sigh} and the purest peace {sigh} that comes from the purest love {sigh} and innocent trust {sigh} i welcome you {who are you, anyway?} to this world {what's with all these sighs?}, even though the point of it all could be random)... what?...

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