Sunday, March 29, 2015

cuz i really want you to love me

when we wonder why i am here rambling on and on and on and on as if there is no end to the flow of words or thoughts or ideas or feelings or creative madness or opinions or ridiculously seemingly obligatory drama (affected, contrived, or artificial) one of the primary answers, obvious or not, is the title of this entry... seriously and sincerely, i want you to love me... i also want world peace and a world without suffering and if you love me, that's a start cuz if we all loved each other, we be a whole lot closer to peace and harmlessness and no suffering than we are right now (and we might even get there) so how about it?... i'll love you and you'll love me and we'll be one big family... come on, affected fake pruple dinosaurs aside, it's a great idea... the most important idea... and the only idea that matters if we are to survive as a species, actually... cuz if we actually love each other we will figure out solutions to all the crap we create and divisions we force between ourselves... besides, your god, no matter who he, she, or it is, wants you to... don't you love your god and want to please your god?... and if you've got no god you know this is right as well as anyone with a god so get over the fear and love me (and everybody, m'ok?)... narf :)

yeah, that's the ticket... so how about it, aye? :)

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