Thursday, December 6, 2012

who are we?

who are you, dear stranger, who comes to read my words
who are you, dear reader, and do i come off absurd?
my pleading, my calling, for someone who can love
is not just a falling, or something i dream of
nor is it delusion meant for someone above

you are real to me - more real than you appear
i want you to know i love you for being here
i want you to know that i care
and i hope you care

from facebook i know one of you who stop by here with some regularity... from other older blogs and comments i know a few more and i thank you for somehow finding your way here to read these babbling brooks, minimalistic as they are compared to the babble once presented in these, my online written gardens... it is a week of memories which lead to vulnerabilities (and those vulnerabilities are aided by the lack of income that starts in a couple of weeks, not to mention the time of year) and i hope the fragility and manic repository of emo has not pushed away the rational minds of reason and positivity that i wish to attract in my meanderings online... there is always hope, aye? :)

i wonder if there are others who remain silent and why you find your way here... what worth is in this gush of words for you?... is there any more than the simple gift of distraction that i often find reading words (or listening to music or watching tv)?... are there deeper connections, inspirations, and at least occasionally, value that you actually can take away personally and build on in your daily life?...

curiosity is insatiable still in my mind, even though it has been ignored for quite some time... i hope the words i share here are worth more than the release and hope they are to me... and no matter what reason or rhyme brings you here, i thank you for reading...

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