Saturday, December 29, 2012

productivity, aye?

the arm is feeling good enough to fold and hang up laundry (though i am using my left arm a lot more and hanging stuff with my left arm) and so i cleared off the big green chair (still have a couple of bins that need washing) and folded or hung up most of the clean wash (some stuff will need re-washing since i don't iron these days)... there's still stuff on the far side of the bed that i will leave for later or another day, reaching for it can wait as the arm can use some rest... but yay for arm healing... whether it will actually be ready to play come the practices scheduled by two of the teams for next weekend, we shall see... resting until the tournament at the end of the month seems wise... it will be a busy time as we will be moving around then too (though i will be paying for movers as the arm is not ready for moving heavy furniture and boxes), but at least this tourney is local... there is a morning 5k the day of the tourney too and we paid for that so we will be doing that, so it will be a busy weekend (and hopefully no early am game for us)...

anyway, big smiles for productivity around here and setting up comfy bedroom space so jackson can enjoy the living room with sanford and clan (their big dog is coming over for the night too... friendly older dog, but big so space will be kinda cramped but we'll be careful not to step on anybody :)

fun fun fun :)

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