Saturday, December 29, 2012

and some tv football

what i left out from snacks, adult drinks, food, dogs, friends was bowl season, that is, college bowl games... and spam... i'll explain after dinner... bowls games is not march madness, though almost on some levels, except it's not a tournament... it's like dozens of parties thrown in dozens of cities for a span of a few weeks culminating in at least a dozen parties over the new year's weekend and a few more (like fireworks finale) spread over the week after new years... i like watching a bit here and there and catching the summaries :)

meanwhile, dinner was good... salmon burgers, or so jackson's recipe said... they were salmon croquettes as far as i was concerned, except she drilled them instead of oil-frying them (kinda like potato pancakes except with salmon) and i'd have left the lemon out (not my favorite) next time and done a little tinkering with spices and used more salmony salmon, but that's just my particular new york ethnic taste buds trained to like more spice and flavors and it was still very yummy, especially on the ciabatta bread jackson chose... i love ciabatta bread... and i love jackson, so whatever she makes is better just cuz she made it so there... and some salad... we had salad... but not quite enough food so i snacked lots... and overdid the snacking... and crashed and still, yay for dinner with friends and we watched some college football bowl games...

yes, fun :)

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