Thursday, December 27, 2012

excitement from nothing

yummy lasagna and meatballs and buttered onion rolls... yes, again... i did not feel like prime ribs or ham or anything else that is already cooked in the fridge... and yummy is excellent... chocolate milk seems right for dessert too... and a steamy hot meal was right too... i closed the porch door cuz the temperature dropped below 50 degrees and is supposed to go closer to 40 degrees... wonderful change of pace, but definitely a clear reminder for me that i prefer to live no further north than i am at this moment... further south would be nice if anyone has an offer in a year or two... california and the west coast would be sweet as well... of course if the one wanted to live outside of the us, i'd happily be there... and to the question of what if the one hated heat and loved snowy cold, we must realize that physical compatibility is one aspect of being the one and loving heat, including body sweat and humidity and all that comes with heat, is essential to physical compatibility... from my experience, most people ignore climate (and a lot of other details of life's experience) a lot more than i do... hawaii?...

i am ready to retire to a tropical life surviving on the fruits of the jungle, living on the land, or something like that... anybody? :)

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