Thursday, October 13, 2011

alrighty then (sorta)

sleep is good for the body and mind, yet i do not give the body and mind i loosely (and only occasionally) call mine quite enough most of the time... i did what the body and mind would like me to do last night though... i fell asleep somewhere between six and eight, waking only a couple of times to drink, empty bladder, roll over, and then woke just before six and laid there until about six thirty when i got dressed and went out for a run (18:59.1 for the five laps which are about a half a 5k) and then showered without rushing, washing the hair twice and adding conditioner before washing the body so it set a bit before rinsing and then sat here typing a comment to a friend and bit of babble and soon i shall dress and head out to work... this is the way mornings would be every morning if the universe provided the 42 hour day i keep requesting... ah, but in this 24 hour day world, i would miss the evening and social life and creative play (already do after just one day)... so balance, precarious as it may be, is the only answer short of winning the lottery, getting financially lucky in some other way, or becoming a successful at the money-grabber game... as i do not enjoy or wish to play the latter and have not had the good fortune of the former two, i walk on through the wind and maintain, as well as i am able, some form of the precarious balance...

hope your day starts out smiling too :)

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