Sunday, March 11, 2012

fun is so often over too soon

as in the weekend and weekdays should changes places so we do what we must do for money two days a week and we do purely fun stuff five days a week, i mean, if human beings had an ounce of sense when they set up this whole work-ethic-until-you-die world we live in... must have been some up-tight neurotic people not realizing that a play-ethic would have made for much better and healthier quality of lives for all of us... but then, one look at humanity suggests good sense doesn't play much of a role in the decision making process day to day or lifetime or generational, alas and all...

meanwhile, three softball games in the rain (won two, the team doesn't wake up for early sunday games too well) and the fun was muddy sloppy slippery, but still much fun... a cookout for lunch with the morning team and dinner with jackson and others from the evening team and this happy camper wishing for longer weekends is basking in the pleasure of a fun-filled active social two and a half days (two softball games friday night starting the fun)... and even a few moments to dream as i dream (in the lyrical musical way i love to find how i let creativity play in my mind :)

i hope your weekend was fun your you too :)

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