Sunday, September 25, 2011

it's ok

yeah, sigh, deep sigh, alas and all, sheesh even, which of course brings the giggle that saves me from falling into the pits... thank goodness i know my madness so well, aye?... yeah, you don't have to understand, after all, it's not your job to save me (self-savior at work, please stand by)... lol... lam... yay :)

everybody has been too busy to respond to my football texts... we live is a strange world... people would rather text or send a message to facebook or some other public announcement place than actually have a little personal contact... i try both, but as i noted a few entries ago this weekend, i accept that for the moment, nobody responds, at least not in real time... the phone doesn't ring, except when someone is desperate, the texts only come when someone needs something, especially when someone needs money, and all my reaching out is ignored...

ok, it's not that bad... sometimes someone does respond... just not today (the point, aye, and if you don't see me grinning and sighing and accepting and chuckling, you don't really know me, cuz those three words "just not today" are the essence of the nudges, the nibbles, the reminders i throw out at people because there is still hope that people are caring and are listening {or reading, in this case} and are out there and someone will be the one someday... or at least a best friend, ya know?)...

well, maybe you had to be there... to have this sort of hope and believe in the human heart and love and loyalty and caring as i do... have faith, you'll be there someday :)

hope today was wonderful :)

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