Saturday, November 15, 2014

sleeping blog family

actually, more like silent blog family, though in the sense that silence is akin to sleeping if interaction is being awake (hey, we define our own language, didn't you know?) or from another, even if similar perspective, in a world where being awake is stating (or writing) at least a single signed keystroke signifying presence, the lack of that keystroke (or word or phrase or any non-anonymous communication) would be the opposite of awake, or sleeping... so with some fanfare and logical rational explanation, silence on the internet can easily be considered sleeping... add reading and it is called lurking, but in the absence of reading (or any sign of reading), the logical conclusion is sleeping... not that it is the end of anything, just a temporary conclusion... the last dozen or so entries may help you understand (or not)... so the blog family sleeps...

and i sing this lullaby...

friends and family are far away
but time and space means nothing in the heart
feelings are timeless and everywhere
true friends and family are never really apart

so sleep blog family
for love is everywhere
hear me in your dreams
feel me through despair

sleep blog family
know i'll always care
and when you are awake
you can find love here

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