Saturday, November 1, 2014

statutory stats (part four)

are you still here?... gosh, i am flattered... or is that embarrassed?... ah, but you oughta know by now that there is no shame in friends being honest with each other and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about either reading or writing a blog on the net... now i will give you that some paragraphs or phrases or potential ideas might be somewhat awkward if read in a board room or church (or mixed company, whatever that is), but here we are in the privacy of our own coutures (huh?) doing whatever it is we wish to do as we share the solitude of reading (or in my case, writing and reading, not that i am reading as i am writing, but i hope to read what i write someday, at least)... be all that or this or the last few entries or whatever as it may be, there is this:

► 2008 (264)
► 2009 (872)
► 2010 (589)
► 2011 (619)
► 2012 (1553)
► 2013 (1494)
► 2014 (461)

that's the number of entries each year, which may be more revealing than intended if the fill-in storm ever returns (i'd link some sort of explanation for that, but the meteorologist is sleeping... though clues may be sprinkled like bread crumbs through the hourglass and days of our lives {our being the secret never told as lives unwind before our eyes} who's life, what life, how many people are writing these blogs, anyway?... what blogs?... what process?... yes, someday we will process all of the thoughts and ideas and concepts and registrations and trademarks and copyrighted materials and words in all these blogs and the books in boxes in storage in niagara falls where not-so-slowly we turned (but that's another series of stories) and in the immortal words of dan fogelberg, someday we'll all understand)...

(see next entry?)

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