Saturday, November 15, 2014


i meant to say
happy birthday
but the time passed by so fast

so now i say
happy birthday
and i hope i am not the last

for every day is a new birth day
every day we wake up still alive
that is cause for a celebration
be amazed that we still somehow survive

this universe is full of chaos
the world could end in the blink of an eye
and life is such a precious moment
ignoring this is just living a lie

so i meant to say
happy birthday
on the anniversary of your birth

but now i say
happy birthday
for every day you walk upon this Earth
I feel blessed because you walk upon this Earth

ah, those precious high school years still linger as precious memories... first explorations of love in this physical world, first trust of best friends after the innocent (and ignorance) of childhood passes into history... and on this date the girlfriend and best friend from those high school years was born so i take a moment to remember and put these words here (even though they were written tomorrow, if we pay attention to dates and chronological order and such)... beautiful memories are worth remembering...

still, you turn me on :)

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