Thursday, December 1, 2016

Life is Pretend

This is the real. Did you think otherwise? Maybe for some, some of the sharing is genuine and some of the caring is real. I envy those people sometimes, but then, I see the pretending they do too and they pretend not to know they pretend. Or they choose to be ignorant of their choice. Pretending people care. I live in the real, alone. No one knows when I feel pain or fear or love or happiness. We exist in the vacuum of our minds and we try to explain what is going on in there, what we experience as being one within one. All connected, all consuming each other. Life consumes itself to survive, We use species delineations to pretend we are not cannibals. Illusion, pretending, making it up as we go along. Nobody knows what really goes on in another's head, for each collection of trillions of cells form a unique experience, different from every other if we really compare it, but we pretend to be alike, to think alike, by staying on the surface and staying with other life that looks like us, other people who look like us. Real is that we are more easily convinces to fight and kills each other than share and care for each other. Love is scarier than fear. That is real. See beyond the illusion, the pretend, and you may understand what you understand.

It would be depressing if I was not so incorrigibly hopeful that we will someday know we are all part of one.

Who will you consume today?

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