Thursday, January 26, 2012

hope i am

listening, that is... the first thought as i pop back in here tonight is anybody listening? and then, the more important thought is the title of this blog as i am, respectfully, as honest as possible without giving out too much of other people's privacy (i hope... if you know me offline and i give out too much of your privacy or if anyone reading feels like i share too much personal stuff, please tell me cuz it is my intention to share me and the life i live and offend or intrude on no one more than they allow... and then hope i do is my thought as i remember the query in the description always up there above each entry... i take it seriously, that's important too... wish i could read minds sometimes, especially on this subject cha know)... the bottom line is i sometimes tell myself important stuff in my babblings and i hope i am listening cuz if i don't listen to the important stuff i could crash and burn and i have had enough crashing and burning in this life... sure would be sweet to have someone looking out for me (hint hint :)

i know i give too much for my own good, but somebody else must love the giving as much as i do and together we could help each other give just enough to feel the bliss and not give too much cuz giving is kinda like flying close to the sun with flammable wings, or something like that... somebody must understand what i mean from personal experience, just wish you'd find this writing and speak up (and until you do, i am out on the edge on my own loving almost every precarious moment :)

fun night of softball... though we lost two games, boo, errors and good hitting by the other team even though i was pitching well (no walks and a few strikeouts and no errors and a few hard to make plays - one hard line drive right at me) but we were not hitting well (though i went 5 for 7 and scored 4 times, i think... i don't keep exact track of hitting most of the time cuz i love to play and not think too much when i play)... we lost 13-12 and 17-7, the second game the other team hit better and we still played only middling defense... so personally i am happy with my play, especially since i am fighting a big bad bug and feeling kinds sick, but wins are nice too...

home now, jackson's sleeping and you are up to day on life and i am up to date on reminding myself about important stuff and i am happy about a bit of mind dump too... and now it is your turn, what's up, what's going on, how are you, anybody out there? (i know you are, nudge nudge wink wink)... take care of you and keep getting better at making lemonade cuz fun really does come from inside and yes you can make it find it and share it, even if only through words like this sometimes... most seriously, start by believing in you like i do :)

nite nite :)

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