Saturday, March 24, 2012

friday, i think

so i sat down here at this time on this date with the loosely constructed idea of typing some words into this blogspace to catch up a bit on the week that mostly flew by cuz thursday was work work work softball and friday was work work work softball and maybe i did not want to think about the softball cuz there were three losses in a row (and going back to last week, i think there were even more, though we may have won the last game on sunday so maybe the losing streak stands at 3, which is one of the longer losing streaks i remember, though i don't keep track and wonder why i don't now that i think of it cuz i love statistices but it could be that i want to remember the good and forget the not so good, which makes sense too in a rather human and not so much like me, particularly, way... anyway, i was here at the time stamped and never did get around to typing any words, just for the record and posterity and all)...

friday was long... the usual at work, which is lots of work with a couple of weird personality conflicts that come and go and may be improving more recently, though it is not always easy to be sure... o love what i do, the personality conflicts, no so much, but as long as they are less often, work life is good most day... and softball was a mess as the league kind tossed up the rules to some others to manage and did not appear to communicate that well as it took three innings to get the rules straight which messed up the games and the two teams i play for lost both in part thanks to the rule changing, but mostly cuz nobody was hitting and many errors gave up many runs, which does not help the enjoyment factor as the rule makers confusing brought everyone down... hope it gets better next week... and then i think jackson and i went to dairy queen for yummies and enjoyed the sugar rush (she nodded before i did, naa naa :)

so there was a friday, and it was another full day of memories somewhere in my head... and someday, you will be able to read all about everything... hope your friday was mostly good too :)

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