Sunday, December 30, 2012

yeah, so whatever la la la

distracting myself right from the title?... what?... wow, huh?... yeah, not even enjoying the psuedo drama (which gets a chuckle out of myself)... happiness is stirring for more attention even though he's been out a few times already... he's also begging for food even though he has dry food in his bowl... he doesn't eat the dry when it's under the canned food, which is why i put it on top and add a little water to mix the flavors and make it more challenging to nudge the dry out of the bowl and all over the kitchen floor (cuz the water makes the dry stick to his mouth so he eats it lol)... that dang prescription food is so expensive, it's a crime...

i've been sending jackson updates on the football in text but she's at practice so no answer... i sense loneliness clouds blowing in and will just have to enjoy the storm as the next few days roll by (remember, the reality in the physical space is a whole lot funnier and more fun than the words so far today... the words are how i release the lonelies and blahs and all this stuff... yes, you are the lucky reader of all this crap i dump here... but seriously, do you understand how important you are to me now?... i mean, without you, i would feel like this was all a waste of time when i get in these blah blah blah worm-eating moods... the worms taste so much better with you here :)

so what's going on in your world, huh huh huh? :)

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