Sunday, December 30, 2012

the fun life

is in the head... it is all about how you want it to be, what you choose to think about, and most of all, how you choose to see, how you choose to process the sensory input of life... so i took a long walk with happiness (no jog, just walk, hey, nobody's perfect and i strive to prove that every day, nyuk nyuk) and the cool crisp clean air (it's 54 and never got higher than 60 degrees today, wake up call ... or achy muscles whiny crap ... suddenly i choose wake up call... jog later?... who knows) inspired a smile and once again, the simple choice of where to live, florida, brings me back to the fun life... while the planet is suffering from choking pollution, there is no good reason for me to live where the air is more poisonous than here (not even to mention freezing half the year)... i did my time in nyc, now i remember that i love life in this climate...

even if it's all alone (wah wah wah :)

the bottom line change in mood from lonely and laughing at myself to joyous and laughing with myself is simply remembering it is my choice... so back on track to heading for a happy new year once again... now if i can only find a mind that can meet mine where we live, aye?... thanks happiness, thanks climate, thanks florida, and thanks to you for helping me remember too :)

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