Saturday, December 29, 2012

ah, lunch is good

yes, full belly makes life so much smilier... ate the leftover prime rib jackson brought back from her family xmas and a half a slice of leftover pizza... yum... now the world is so much more satisfying (i actually went in for my nap earlier hungry and was a bit grumpy to find no way to eat when i woke cuz jackson was cleaning the kitchen and the oven was in 3-hour cleaning mode and anyway, all better now :)

lots of electric in use today, air conditioner on cuz the oven cleaning and laundry heats up the house (it's 78 in here and 75 outside, but the apartment heated up)... so what to do?... laundry stopped cuz jackson has stuff in process, could do some more room cleaning (but this is new years weekend and i have weekdays to do that)... could go out to friends... but laziness and frugality will probably keep me here... happiness is back so i can play with him... and i'll just find stuff to do around here and amuse myself (cuz that's what i am best at anyway, aye? :)

hope you are enjoying your day too :)

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