Wednesday, March 25, 2015

i would have uploaded many tonight

or was this tomorrow night?... time is relative, after all... anyway, yes, the entries poured out like there was no tomorrow or perhaps like i overdosed on chocolate and pistachio nuts and so on and so forth or was it the wild sex we shared... you are the only song, after all, like harry sang, we've done it all tonight...

little doggie found, sitting on a bag of cheetos
no one knows just how or why you are where you are
puddle all around, on your plastic island
soon the news and internet will make you a star

now you're trending, going viral, never ending, upward spiral
it's so easy to lead humans to lose their minds
are you crazy or just lazy is your head foggy or hazy
the last thing you do at night is close your blinds

little kitty found, sitting on a block of candy
no one knows just how or why your pussy purrs
are you kidding or is this all a metaphor
little kids don't understand that you're disturbed

not you're worried, so confused and feeling hurried and misused
as if you've somehow been soiled by an idea
you might miss the kiss of reason in your delusional season
as you can't see past your self-built box of fear

it is scary when the world seems too hard to understand
even if it is because you choose to close your mind
self-made mental disability is tough to live with, yeah
especially if you pretend you don't know
and you don't know you know
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
you can stay if your mind is open
if not... you can go
ho ho ho


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