Wednesday, March 18, 2015

irrational fears

the science channel panders to ignorant fears so much it maybe be the most extreme misnomer on the television (though the discovery, history, and syfy channels give it a good run for the prize), such as it is... or was, once... it is an obvious commercialism of creativity by small frightened minds for small frightened minds... they still don't seem to have any original idea that is not based on some paranoid conspiracy plot based so much more on the fiction and so little hard science... they don't think a story can be simply amazing, rather they seem to believe it must be scary to have an audience...

might as well remember people who auditioned but did not make the cast of SNL like jim carrey, stephen cobert, steve carrel, lisa kudrow, pee wee herman, louis c.k., zach galifianakis, dave attell, geena davis, adam mckay, jeff ross, paul scheerkathy griffin, aubrey plaza, kevin hart, david cross, jack mcbrayer, richard belzer, robert townsend, charles rocket, john goodman, rosanne barr, barach obama, benjamin franklin, alf, and benny and the jets, or someone a lot like him... doesn't it make you feel a little funny inside?... which feeling inside?... this feeling inside?... not one of those... who?...

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