Saturday, March 28, 2015

can i look up your dress?

oh come on, you expect an honest person into girls not to ever ask the question?... if you do, then i wouldn't really want to be close to you anyway because the fears in your head would not get along well with the honesty in mine... but since the thought popped up (we will not mention any names to protect the innocent and all, or something like that)...

can i look up your dress
i don't mean to offend
i just get so turned on
looking at your rear end
and your legs make me feel
like something's crawling up my spine
the tingling radiates both ways
to my feet and my mind

the question is how i confess
i want to see you undress
and if you feel a tingle too
then i want to make love to you

it's a chemical reaction
a visceral sensation
it's out of my control
but it is up to you

i respect your choice
tell me with your voice
this is why i ask
my desire is true

what do you want
what will you let me do

yeah, so anyway, just because i don't discuss the physical interactions one body can enjoy with another too often (not that i don't elude to it now and then) doesn't mean i am not a perfectly healthy kid who wakes up with a woody every morning... have i gone too far?... well, before i go any further should we turn on meatloaf or something?...

if this is too much for your sense of humor, oh well, you probably don't know what to do with what's under your dress anyway... sad though, cuz you really do turn me on...

don't let it get creepy, now, m'ok?...

narf :)

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