Sunday, March 1, 2015

thanks emma

new favorite... yes, she had me when she said chocolate teapot... or maybe she just wrote it, but adorable and clever and vulnerable and informative is always a big winner in my head, so she fills both... or all four, actually... both boths?... yeah, well anyway, i'm not in love and did not mean to reference alice cooper, i am enjoying a new favorite tuber as i wake from golden slumbers in my mind which is to say (yes, i did mean that reference) i am enjoying emmablackery as she inspires a smile that awakens as i rise even if she does articulate only every third or fifth letter in her words (accents are so much fun, as i suppose mine would be to you) and after wondering if she ever met the neighbor who saw her naked (and whether she shaved) and how it might have gone which was even before i found her semi-confessional series she just recently revealed this week (just for me, of course, which explains the title) filled with great advice (this was my first taste of her) and ideas for being a healthy human being and part time video star, i relaxed and spent the morning watching her videos (see more of her here aye?) and enjoying breathing... and being perfectly alive... seriously, thanks, emma :)

how did you spend your sunday morning?... hallylooloo to all ya too...

narf :)

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