Saturday, March 28, 2015

saturday in the house

meanwhile, in the real time real world as reported in (e)thereal, come saturday morning i slept in for the first time in many weeks (in spite of waking around sunrise to urinate, which went well in case you wondered and are here for the tmi) and it is a wonderfully wondrous feeling to have on a saturday afternoon... and i am still in the social hermit mode outside of softball and work in part because i need the rest and in part because i am tired of the drama that people seem to thrive on (seriously, i mock myself for getting caught up in it here in the babbling in case you haven't noticed it, but with others that mocking of their drama is rude and can hurt feelings or even get me physically hit {as it has in the past} so i'd rather let it be cuz seriously, how can the ridiculous idea of momentary actions and human importance really be taken seriously in this transitory existence?... see what i mean?... if not, you miss the point which is the point)... i also have so little totally me time what with spending so much time working and playing ball and having a roommate and two animals at home that i treasure it when it comes so my saturdays are my me days and there is almost no social time on any of the other days... there are a few people i do miss, people who might have understood me and who shared my perspective on life, but here i sit alone and loving every minute of it except for that deep heart full of love part of me longing for the sharing that only the one can bring... still a wonderfully wonderful day...

and yeah, it would have been even more wonderful if you were here :)

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