Tuesday, November 10, 2015

roommate search (and other upheavals)

yup, the bullet needs to be bitten... the facts require facing at this time, or soon... the bill for the piper is coming due... the music is demanding full frontal facing... i must endure to bear it with a grin... for that the bitter pill, swallowing has become necessary, almost... prepared, i must become... for better or worse, plunge i must into the breach with both feet i prepare to capitulate to the inevitable... yes, to the end come all good things, eventually and this is near... the time living with jackson is most likely coming to it's conclusion after many wonderful years of stress and strain and heavy nurturing and counseling and all the fun of the fair so i must choose between flying on my own again or finding another living space partner, aka roommate... being the pickiest of snobs when it comes to partners in most anything, but especially roommates, i would like to find someone as compatible as jackson (which is very against the odds) or even more compatible (wich, well, i can dream the impossible dream quite persistently, thank you), so i will start now even though the move in or out will likely not happen until late april or early may...

so i did the deed thusly <--roommate search profile message can be read there... and i even match dot commed myself in case a random miracle might come my way and you can read that blurb here <-- match me, matchmaker (song not included)... yes, the world is about to dramatically change and preparations are underway... i will miss my dear jackson, surely i will... sigh and all and narf :)

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