Friday, November 27, 2015


that is the number of page views at the moment, up 6 page views in the past hour... some time tonight the psuedo magical fixation with whole numbers will be achieved and when nothing happens of any more significance than a fart in a forest that nobody hears or smells, the dying tree and i will laugh... such are the amusements i find in the life i live these days... i spent $50 yesterday, $50 more than i spent in at least a week... wait, there was that $88 shopping trip for food, was that this week or last?... in any case, socializing with people is costly so i am restricting my socialization so tonight i spent time on the internet reading the news on facebook and continuing the commentary intended to save the world and connect with more friends and ultimately, find the one... we all need a purpose in life, after all... except those who don't... and the laugher borne of cynical hope (the stuff of hitchhiker's guide or catch-22 or dr. strangelove which might be more gallows humor than hope for many, but i find hope in the strangest of places and circumstances) reigns supreme as i listen to two new very young voices and find out that the new next door neighbors have young children because they are shouting on the patio five feet away...

sitting home alone saving some money
finding the internet both sad and funny
hoping to find some friends who understand
the power of simply holding hands

hoping to find one friend who understands
who i am

never know just when the serious will pop up, aye?...

and illusions are reality, don'tcha know...

narf :)

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