Thursday, November 26, 2015


i'm so lonely
i could die
so lonely
you know the reason why

yeah, it is getting to me, this sudden change in lifestyle... no job and no roommate at the same time, seriously too much time on my hands and yet, not enough desire to want to trust anyone at the moment, so not going anywhere much... sure, dinner out three times last week with different friends and softball (but now softball is pausing, no more on sunday until next spring, skipping weeks for holidays, and seasons ending very soon)... gonna be a very lonely holiday season, especially since i don't like the holidays and prefer to avoid the pomp and circumstance with a friend who feels the same... but there ain't nobody like that in my life today... so the loneliness is growing in it's god-awful way... no comfort found in solitary games i used to play... why can't i find someone to share, someone who wants to stay... oh yeah i'm lonely... lonelier today... lonely... lonlier than yesterday... oh i'm so lonely... don't know whay else to say... lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely and to my great dismay... i am lonelier than i've ever been in any memory of yesterday...

and i no longer believe in yesterday...

narf :}

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