Wednesday, November 11, 2015


over the course of months of working long hours and playing softball three nights a week and all day sunday with occasional extra games tossed in, laundry piles up... the softbal and work clothes get washed often enough, at least weekly, but t-shirts and towels and bedding and seldom worns items can piled up in bins because there are enough replacements for those things and that's why i spent a couple of days and at least ten washes doing the deed to get to the point where i had no dirty anything to throw in the wash... that lasted a whole day, but oh the extra space in the bedroom feels nice... there are still boxes stacked up to go through, but laundry, for the moment, is completely done... been done completed i say... and yes, this whole entry is about getting it done, so lefts clap for the clean clothes chorus as they sing they laundry is done song (i'll write it any day now)... but seriously, there are actually laundry songs, my favorite being the landryman (cuz these are not actually about laundry), but then, i am strange too...

laughing with the clean clothes :)

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