Thursday, November 5, 2015

being my friend

can get you one of these after midnight:

Apologies for being so out of touch... Life has been throwing some unexpected challenges and I've been so busy I've been dropping balls (life is a juggling responsibilities, after all) so part of me wants to buy a tent and move to the woods or rent a friend's backyard and retire really cheap ... Laughing is allowed, but it's a serious consideration once Jackson finally moves out and that could be next year if her new relationship goes well)... Did I have a point here?... Yeah, before this turns into the longest text you've ever received (if it isn't already), I just wanted you to know I really appreciate you reaching out a lot more than I say and in spite of my not wanting to drive anywhere (that is the biggest obstacle for me and I wish you still had the place on sand lake cuz we'd have definitely gotten together a lot more if you did and am I wandering off on another tangent?)... Back to the point this message was supposed to be about, I will find a way to get together with you soon... goal is before thanksgiving (there I set a goal)... Maybe sooner... There, it is in writing now so you can sue me for a dollar if I drop this ball... You officially have the right to harass me... And now I see the clock on the wall and think hopefully this doesn't wake you and you are smiling and we'll catch up on the ups and downs of life real soon... My madness isn't too contagious so don't be too afraid, m'ok?... is this the song that never ends?... Oh look, a squirrel... Thank goodness, aye? :)

yes, that was a text message send to a friend who sadly has been neglected by me in the past months, years, perhaps... he lives on the other side of town and i simply find myself too tired to drive over there after work and i've been so selfish with my weekends (and busy) that when i do have free time i don't want to go anywhere cuz the body needs rest but even more, the writing has to happen or i feel neglected myself and all sort of things go wrong (just look at the past four weeks if you don't believe me but believe me or not, they do, things go very wrong when i stop writing for a while and the theory is i lose touch with myself and let balls drop {the juggling reference again} and the world is really cruel to a bad juggler in case you didn't know so proof is everywhere if you see it so i'll just leave this parenthese now and get on with whatever point i was making) so i steal me time from sleep and on weekends and that is why i neglect friends and i want to stop doing that and now that i may have more time cuz i am not working perhaps i will, though i still don't want to drive and now even more cuz without income, gas is more precious, so maybe there is a way we can get together closer to here (here, as in the space i live in, is not good cuz jackson needs her sleep and when my friends and i get together quiet is seldom part of the experience) which would be best for me but i suppose that is selfish even though i have no income at the moment... wait, is this another message to my friend?...

silence... must be pondering or something... or some things...

narf :)

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