Friday, June 5, 2015

could be random

it is within the jester's truth that the ultimate truth may be found if you understand that belief is just the start of knowing everything if you understand the simple logic of this truth - to know everything you must remain open to everything... that concept is simultaneously at the heart of and so far beyond every path to truth (whether spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, rational, delusional, or however you choose to journey toward it) that at it's current level of development, the collective human mind is blocked by fear from experiencing the truth, no less actualizing it... you might as well choose your beliefs from somewhere between the 700 club and lost girl or in superficial terms, between make-up and bikinis...

if you can see the difference between make-up and bikinis
you might be ready to understand the lie you still believe
what you are told is truth is just what fear allows you to see
and the ultimate choice is yours to rejoice or to grieve

welcome the light, welcome the dark, welcome everything and then
you can begin to see the fools we've been

welcome the light, welcome the dark, welcome everything and more
you can begin to feel what you are here for

not what you think, not what you feel, everything is fake and real
not what you plan, not what you do, everything is me and you
and everything else and you always knew
everything is what is true

if you can see the difference

yeah, make-up and bikinis, the last gospel truth you will ever need to know...

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