Wednesday, June 12, 2013

coulda slept more

but text messages woke me (actual time is about 2:35pm)... friday softball checking on whether i will be playing... jackson checking on whether i am still alive (i guess cuz i didn't play ruzzle with her today)... new high rating 1858 and record 245-133 (did i include that in an entry already?... are we really keeping track? lol)... just in case you missed the great june 2013 catch up session, here they are, all the june 2013 catch-up session entries:

ok, another catch up session begins!
not completely lost
madness makes progress!
cooking takes time
on my feet
completely forgotten time
i have no clue what day it was
whatcha gonna do
ever think of writing a song
the album was called
when not working
missing what was gone!
ridiculous stats again
lost weekend
somewhere over the rainbow
apparently i disappeared again
you could have been the one!!
back to the drawing board!
i guess what i mean is!
i really couldn't tell you!
afternoon no nap
knives are dangerous
are you knowing?!
and what is delusion!
for posterity
sense of humor
remembering snips
chocolate yogurt
kidney gravel
perhaps change
fruit flies
what day is it
rolling backwards
pistachios are dangerous
staying away
waking to rain
lost in games
weather apps
ruzzle again
burgers became meatballs
about exercise
run tracking app comparison
the ridiculousness of stats
cooking again
so much more energy
ok, tonight we catch up
june comes busting out all over
a whole lot of entries going on
nba drama
what science does not know!
waiting on jackson
update session part one, yeah baby
testing three two one
a new day dawns
testing again
still being blacked, thanks blocker
i really couldn't tell you!!!
brighthouse service

so where were we?
returning to catch up session
are you lonely tonight!
holy cow
oh no, where did the will power go?
imbalance kills
grasping the gravity of the situation
everything is serious!
pity the fool
creating a volcano
not dead yet
gas must pass
sleep must come
what's all this?!
htc inspire
apps never sleep
written earlier tonight
time of day
musical afternoon!
shoulda known the car wouldn't start
and it came
still not updating
this could take a while!
here they come
no really, i really couldn't tell you!
what happened?
party all the time
ate too much again
back to blogging
prophetic save! save! save!
synday softball update 130609
sudden dinner party
back to babble
i miss movies
what snacks?
get up, stand up
time to stop
making a mistake
and finally back on time
welcome home

the shocking thing is that some of the entries show no page views at all while most show at least five and some have dozens of page views... stats are weird, but a zero in the page views column for any entry is sad... anway, along the way, these entries were uploaded in various other blogs (what?... not just mundane daily life stuff?... well, maybe... nyuk) but except for being linked in a session entry, were not considered an official part of the catch up session for (e)thereal:

may 2013
weather timing
pacing slowly
another month

pushing more
fruit flies
almost slid back
take my hand
because i love you
love so true (the one for me)
binary thinking
out of control blogger stats
looking ahead
the nba reality tv show

science is suicidal
it's coming
wait another day
are you living comfortably?
faith is delusion

and here we are :)

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