Tuesday, June 25, 2013

so wtf, as usual

yeah, still awake... some writing, some tv, some facebook... dang facebook... for the first time in weeks (maybe longer) i went to check in there and click, click, click (etc) and here we are... a few comments and conversations and saved pictures and pages and files and readings later and here we are (are we here?)... yeah, wtf, i was intending to be awake in 5 hours, minimum, and better 4 hours to give myself time to shower and groom and dress and relax (relaxation is vital for these things) and prepare (preparation is kind of important too ya know) before the interview... am i self-destructing?...

i am laughing at myself (lam, in case you've been wracking your brain trying to figure out what lam means... it often follows lol, in case you've not been noticing... anyway), somebody put me to bed already lol lam :)

nite nite :)

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