Sunday, June 30, 2013

bouncy bouncy bouncy

sometimes it's just the way it is, sometimes it's aided by caffeine... and one of the good kind teammates was given an extra mocha coffee and brought it to the fiels and since i was the only one there when he got there, he offered it to me... at first i thought, no, i've been living without the caffeine and had some last night for the first time in weeks and then, i decided to try it and it was so yummy, i took it and drank it and the good morning mood on the beautiful day only got better... i might have driven couch a bit crazy bouncing (literally) around like i did, but the energy was wonderful and once again i was the one with most energy and desire to run around and play and exert and all that... it's the story of this life as i've experienced it... some people actually wonder if i am human or what drugs i take when they get close to me for a while... i could be grandpa to some of the kids on this team and they can't keep up with me even when i am not ingesting caffeine, so i was left wanting more when practice ended, as usual... but more, i want more... more more more... more? lol lam :)

and i am still bouncy now, thanks to the caffeine and the mood and the sleep (about six hours, but good sleep) and hoping for more softball even though the fields got rained on (and there is the call that i hoped would not come and it isn't bringing me down and sitting here alone waiting isn't bringing me down and life is just that super-dee duper wonderful today)... if i could bottle what happens in my brain, i'd be rich lol lam :)

wish everybody was like this in their own way :)

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