Sunday, June 30, 2013

too old to giggle?

nope, not in my book... and i live by my book, so there is never a point where anyone is too old to giggle... and excuse me (or don't), but i giggle at the drama queen even as the drama queen is drama queening... you might have to be here to believe it and you definitely have to know me to understand on any level (yeah, all i ever needed was the one, la la la), but there is just fatigue that gets me down when i don't have the energy to be me, but even then, inside i know i am only sleeping and will be me when i wake up (yeah, love where you left yourself, la la la), so moments after (even during) the grumps and/or drama, i am giggling... i seldom actually mention it like this, i mean, explaining... i usually just type nyuk nyuk or lol lam or cha cha cha or la la la or alas (though the latter three can have much deeper meanings and are not always just happy-go-lucky giggles) or narf (which has as many meanings as any word in any language, but that's another story that will fill an encyclopedia sometime, probably), but it is this sort of giggling laughter that is me inside... (but there is so much more than giggles in giggles (yeah, and so it goes, la la la)... like, really, you are seriously serious?... ummmm, no, but i am supposed to act like a grown up on the outside ya know (like i care what others see?... well, if they are paying me enough, maybe lol lam laa)...

if only somebody understood me, they'd be amazing... narf :)

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