Friday, June 21, 2013

star trek: WHUUUT!?

what?... they suggest starting with episode 6 (download link: low res ... high res for your convenience... they even have downloads with english or german subtitles and bloopers... or you can watch it online at vimeo... ain't the internet grand?) because, as they explain in their introductory page for those new to hidden frontier,

"We encourage new viewers to "try us out" with our season 6 premiere episode, "Countermeasures". It's an episode that highlights many of our strengths. Then we welcome you to go back to the pilot and start watching from the beginning bearing in mind that it took us time to improve the quality of all aspects of the show to what it is today.

It's important to remember that Hidden Frontier is produced on no budget so instead of building fancy sets, piling on effects, and shooting in exotic locations, we've decided to focus on what we can improve. That means our stories became more character driven as the show evolved. After all, that's what Star Trek is really about. The people, and the human condition.

Once the writing improved, we started to tackle areas like costuming and makeup. Hidden Frontier tries to boldly follow what has come before while exploring new issues Star Trek has not yet tackled."

if you like it, and understand the second disclaimer which is repeated here:


Before you download any of our season one episodes, please read the following from our Executive Producer, Rob Caves:

Dear Viewer and Star Trek fan,

We'd like to invite you to sample Hidden Frontier by viewing one of our more recent episodes before starting from the beginning.

We understand the desire to "watch from the start", but as with anything, Season 1 was a learning experience for us. We believe that if you enjoy one of our recent season 6 or 7 episodes, you'll enjoy the episodes from the start. All we ask is a chance to put our best foot forward.

Rob Caves
Executive Producer

then start with season one (download link: episode one, fyc) and continue on for the next 49 until the end... now, getting to the title of this entry... that is my shock (and not quite awe, at least not yet cuz i haven't watched any episodes, so i shall reserve any awe as i hope we do not reserve giggles for the friendly teasing intended for the respect for the creators of this enterprise {pun intended} are to be commended and respected and cheered just for the attempt and follow through) at not just finding this, ummm, production (i figure using the enterprise pun again is not good literary form, to present the phrase not good literary form in a hoffinesque portrayal of captain hook, but that's beside the point), but actually not finding it for thirteen (yes, 13) years... duh!... this existed for 13 years and i had no knowledge... i missed the memo... did not check email... was out of the loop... went underground like spock visiting the romulans to teach and make peace... good grief, as charlie brown would say, how did i miss this?... good golly miss molly, i am even channeling the late great state of the art (at the time) carnak the magnificent in emphatically saying i did not know that...

and to think all this started because i searched the internet to confirm that ashley judd played a brief love interest of wesley crusher (ah, the boy kissed a young ashley, lucky nerd)... well, now i just need to find the motivation to find the time to sit and watch... i can connect the computer to the hd tv and watch it on the big screen to give it's full potential all i can... and when i do (find the motivation connect the computer to the tv and to watch it on the big screen), i will certainly let you know... and link this entry... and let you know what i think of it too...
until then, live long and prosper... and jolan tru, even...

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