Friday, June 21, 2013


not the cartoon dog, alas, maybe next time... i mean, was no mila, but he did have a great theme song, didn't he?... da da da da da da da da un-derdog! lol...

anyway, as much as i am not a fan of the southeast conference in anything (for many reasons), it is a challenge not to root for mississippi state baseball because the school has only one one national championship is it's 100+ year history... that was in disc golf (frisbee golf, don't laugh) in 2009... they are in the college baseball world series finals... if north carolina beats ucla, i will be rooting for miss state... specially since nc is ranked #1 in the country... i love underdogs... but if ucla wins, well, california girls, ya know (whatever that means)... ucla is ranked #15 (the lowest ranking of any team who made it to the college world series) and ms is ranked #10, so they lose their underdog edge and i'd definitely rather live in cali than nc (though the coast is sweet there too)... yeah, sometimes i choose a school to root for based on how much i want to live where the school is located... my alma mater (like most new york city universities) isn't in the running for national championships (talk about underdogs), so i have other criteria for picking favorites and one is that favorites are often momentary (that goes for pro sports too... in pro sports it's often based on individual players)... so anyway, go ucla :)

yup, he is a fickle character, ain't he?... narf :)

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