Sunday, June 30, 2013

game nights are fun too

yup, the games are on again... though it was not exactly what harpo might have wanted, he told me to invite people so i invited people and next time i'll say no, you invite who you want... i mean, it's his house after all... he wants people to have fun and worries a bit too much about the mix and skill level of players and i keep telling him not to over-think, but he seems to enjoy over thinking so in that sense i guess he does not take after his namesake in this blog, but he's a lovable character anyway and has a heart of gold and is a little kid like me, so a little neurosis can be easily forgiven (especially since he takes my teasing well... cuz i tease lovingly, right?... of course right... honesty without harm, remember?... oh, maybe you don't remember... my philosophy or and ideal and way of being who i want to be or whatever you want to call it is honesty without harm... att erased the explanations of that {dangit att} but this used to lead to it, this being a brief explanation of why i used to sign all my letters {when i wrote letters} with honest love and not just love, but i believe we are digressing from a digression already so out, dang parentheses lol lam nyuk)...

anyway, whatever i was rambling on about might come back to us for more later, but for now, i am out enjoying fun games with fun friends... hope you had some fun tonight too :)

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