Thursday, June 20, 2013


censorship is the tool of a weak mind used to defend a weak (or irrational) message... censorship is sad... even dangerous... especially religious censorship... too often religious censorship and attacks lead to wars... and then we have brother nathaniel... the scary thing is, the brother knows his audience and he is clear on his mission statement and purpose... and he understands and uses the power of propaganda and censorship... but claims to be officially recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church and claims his mission is to make America a Christian nation once again (obvious that he doesn't know it never was one and apparently does not uphold and defend the constitution cuz free speech and religious freedom is not allowed on in his world)... he appears to spend most of his time and preaching and energy on attacking jews for all sorts of crimes, rather than promoting christianity (unless the most important thing about being christian, or at least The Russian Orthodox Church, is attacking jews... somehow i don't don't think so, but then, i don't know much about the Russian Orthodox Church or their monks)... luckily, he blocked me from posting comments on his page so no more of my time will be spent there (but i felt noting his was worth an entry and even asked youtube if their guidelines include allowing hate-mongering against a specific religion... i mean, he's not just disagreeing, he's preaching stop the evil jews and making some irrational claims... i didn't save the comment he blocked, but it went something like this (actually, i was much kinder) in response to someone who asked for proof of his claims against jews

The Brother wants money, like many media preachers. But parroting Hitler and the KKK and advocating abandoning the US constitution is not the way to be a religious leader. The way to make things better is not by preaching hate or fear or in blaming others. THey way is working together to educate ourselves to live in peace. That was Christ's message. Love your neighbor.

I was responding to another commenter who asked for proof about the claims that the Jews were responsible for so many of the world's problems. Censoring that comment leads me to expand on my comment...

The brother wants money and preaches fear and hate, like many religious fanatics. He is not interested in discussion or truth. If he was truly spiritual and sought to give service to people and his God, he would realize that parroting Hitler and the KKK is not the way to do it. He is playing on the increasing paranoia and discontent in US culture just as Hitler did using the same rhetoric and advocating abandoning the US constitution, at least where Jews are concerned. The way to make things better is not in hate or fear or in blaming others. The answer is in working together to educate ourselves to live in peace. He fails to realize that the true message of Christ and most religions is to love your neighbor, not blame your neighbor for everything.

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