Sunday, June 23, 2013

softball practice, phew

three hours of serious heat and humidity (datestamp is the time started) and the body touched the red line in the last fifteen minutes even with two full liters of water (yes, more water and some electrolytes next time prior to and during these practices during the day)... it felt wonderful... i realized how much i missed these long practices and even though i did not do nearly as much as i wanted to (i did pitch at least 250 pitches and played first base a bit and swung the bat maybe 15 times, but because of the arm i did not throw the ball much and did not get any infield practice... mostly because all the infield practice was a line up from from third base that i did not participate in and only two ground balls hit to me as a pitcher), but still pushed a lot in the heat... i really need someone to give me some one on one practice throwing and fielding (and more live batting practice would be really nice too, but the batting i can at least simulate somewhat at the batting cages), throwing and fielding requires another participant... i will talk to the coach of the sunday morning team about how i might get some pitcher-specific practice that i never get...

maybe on cooler days lol :)

still fun fun fun :)

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