Sunday, October 18, 2015

busy weekend

yummy food at a new italian place on saturday night... softball monday, wednesday, thursday, and sunday (friday's team forfeited)... we won 20-0 today... that makes a 7 game winning streak since october 9th and an overall record of 20-3... yesterday i took two friends to see la cage aux folles and they both enjoyed it a lot... the cast was excellent from the first row... i started a couple of rhythmic clappings and i started the standing ovation when the two leads came out... sitting in the middle of the first row center is a power place in a theatre... powerful performances all around and the stars make it worth seeing again... jackson and i are going to see it next thursday night... she's been gone all weekend, too happiness's ashes to her parents house to spread some in their backyard, then spent the next night with her girl... i was quite not well all week and wish i had a nurse, though i make for a terrible patient, but i survived and feel a little better... stayed home a couple of days and wandered facebook a whole lot and sort of wrote a blog entry there...

having fun, wish you were here :)

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