Sunday, October 18, 2015

a facebook note

so maybe i already out this somewhere in my blog world and maybe i just linked it somewhere in my blog world but i realized just now that a link to a facebook note might not be readable unless you are logged into facebook and even if you are logged into facebook you might need to be my friend on facebookl to read notes (the facebook security measures are not very user friendly, i mean, i should be able to decide who has acess to whatever i put on facebook, but perhaps giving that much access control to all users is a coding challenge they just don't take on) so i decided to put it here... yes, i wrote another note on facebook where many more people know i exist (as opposed to the millions of imaginary fans here... but i love you all, each and every one of you, and you know i do)... fact is i do not want the few of you who do follow me here to miss a thing, so here is what i told the facebook world the other day...

A Facebook Day

So I spent a large part of yesterday wandering Facebook and I found myself rolling my eyes and scratching my head wondering about people. I was saddened to see the posts getting the most attention were divisive and/or derisive or simply tragic. The posts offering meaningful information on important issues and solutions to struggles so many people face each day were largely ignored. People seem to prefer fighting to working together, even when they want the same outcomes. So many political wars fought in words on Facebook.

I found more posts about who won the debate than I did about the issues. Being rather independent, I ended up posting this on a Clinton site engorged in Sanders bashing:

Thank you to those of you posting meaningful articles on serious issues. I am saddened that the posts getting the most comments on this page are the posts that pit Democrat against Democrat and not the posts that discuss the important issues and solutions all people should be discussing. Ending Citizens United and other SuperPACs, Redistributing the obscene wealth funneled to the few. Turning the Oligarchy back into a Democracy that is actually for the people. Putting the criminals in Congress, on Wall Street, and in business in jail. Ending the killing of children over ideologies and saving the planet for all children. Those are some of the things we need out of this election. Not who "won" a debate. Please remember that a divided house does not stand.

Then I remembered how much I dislike politics and wandered off to find images and photos I could enjoy. I remembered, somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, how addictive sharing words can be for me. I love written communication. Correspondence started for me long before the internet and it was personal and professional pleasure for many years.
There was a point yesterday where I had to pull myself away from the computer to eat and drink and refocus on the reality around me. A cat mourning the loss of her dog brother. An empty silent where a wagging tail used to be. A small box labelled Casey. The slow process of mourning needs some of this time doing nothing in stillness.

Still there were some work responsibilities to take care of even though I took the day off. A friend I'd been meaning to call for days, maybe weeks, to invite to see a show this weekend. I bought the tickets weeks ago as a surprise to help get him out of a funk. Sure glad I took the day off or I might have forgotten to call again. Forgetting what isn't directly in front of me is a survival technique that helps me focus on doing my best and enjoy the moment, but sometimes I even forget what relaxing at home feels like.
I am not sure what my time on Facebook means to anyone. For me, it was just a random wandering, reading, being inspired and frustrated and upset by the news of the world we are such a troubled species, alas), feeling inspired to respond a few times, and remembering correspondence. The written words. I wonder how many of the hundreds of people who were once my pen pals might be out there. Anyone remember The Writer's Exchange? The Letter Exchange? Paper Fantasies? Two were small magazines I published for a while. When there was time for creative dreams and more sharing.

Loving my job lets me easily get lost in it and time passes. Friends wonder why I seem to disappear.I am still alive and well, just loving the work I do. And softball. Playing softball fills at least three evenings a week and much of each Sunday. I used to love running but don’t make time for it these days, so I am so glad I returned to playing some ten years ago because without softball, I'd probably be working even more hours and aging faster doing sedentary things like watching more TV. I do enjoy the evening hour or two I catch up on some TV shows, especially when my roommate has time to share the characters and stories and roller coaster of emotions that fiction can inspire if you let it in. This weekend I will once again experience live theater which is always a big smile.

Then, while I was writing this pondering reflection on my Facebook day and life as I know it, the phone rang. A team I don't usually play with needed me to play so I paused in this writing and this bit of babble was delayed until, well, here it is, the next day. We came back to win 18-17 after being down 16-4 last night. We shared big smiles. That makes five wins in my last five games with four different teams. A good week with fun people. More smiles. While I was on the field a friend I have not seen in many months sent a text asking if I'd play cards tomorrow. Another smile. Tomorrow is a softball night though. Do I have time?
So after remembering how much I enjoy sharing written words yesterday, I decided to ramble on a bit about this life I live and leave these words here for anyone interested. Did I just blog? I did just smile. More smiles. Life is full of smiles.

I must remember not to forget that.

and yay for finding positivity out there in the realer world... i tend to get sucked into the seriousness of politics and religions and all sorts of things when i visit facebook which is why i stay away most of the time, but every now and then i do explore the world outside of my mind and immediate life (though i still avoid the news because i want to know the truth) and i still dream of finding true friends and facebook does offer the opportunity to reach a whole lot of people so there you go...

whatcha think?...

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