Saturday, April 18, 2015

back to music

not actually back to music, literally or in any other way, except that a cd is playing which doesn't happen too often of late and there hasn't been extended depths with music like there once were since toronto, which is a long long time, if you know... sigh and alas, if you know... yeah... dylan came out of the cd player, his shadows in the night cd which makes us all feel old as he tries to channel barbara streisand or billy holiday... i love that the waterboys present their cd in a three-fold paper sleeve with a full lyric book... that is the way it was when music was holy for the artists who respected the words and music and fans... if jim morrison lived, the doors would be the waterboys closest relative... i enjoy the uniqueness of mike scott's voice and the waterboy's sound so even brand new stuff is appealing, but i still look for the profound connections that they've reached for me before... the first song is the waterboys all over so it starts me off with a big smile cuz, as i said, i like their sound... and then i hear a fuse had been blowing in her head for twenty seven years... and something about sins...

i've heard about sin down the long wheels of ages
a cracked book of lies with a thousand twisted pages
and i looked her in the eye and asked her clear and plain
if your religion was a lie then what would remain?

.              .              .

she said i've got my beating heart and i've got two loving hands to heal with
and there's nothing in my day that i ain't got the strength to deal with
i same darling i confess the same applies to me
and for all the rest, we agreed to disagree

.         .         . 

meet me on the mad parade when the midnight bells are chiming
we'll dress up as the harlequin and the clown
pile all the blunder that we've made in a tower too tall for climbing
and we'll burn the damn thing down

starting over is so simple if two really want to do it... starting is almost as simple, just a lot more specifics to learn and foundations to be built... ok, so this cd has grown on me well in the first few listenings... but it wasn't a fuse had been blowing in her head for twenty seven years... it was just had been blowing in her head for twenty seven years so where in the world did i get a fuse i wonder... so amazingly perfectly appropriate, yet it never happened... still, anyway, it took a third listen to really pay attention and read the words, but songs one and two took me back to a wonderful place in my head, a wonderful timeless love of words and music...

and harry...

ah, yes, november tale reaches deep into me and still a freak caught me with the title and listening, within thirty seconds, another lyrial anthem... with or without the peace pipe, there are always memories... if you ain't crazy there's something wrong... and there no such thing as coincidence... or a mistake... and all this confusion is just an illusion... oh yeah, mike just summed up (e)thereal... the gardens... life... pow... boom... yeah, and oh wow... back to the roots of relationships... and then, back even further to almost cut my hair... seriously, oh wow, ya know?...

it's ok if you don't, i do, and i'm the one experiencing this wonderful moment :)

narf and such and such :)

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