Thursday, November 28, 2013

the beautiful life

not in the rich and famous tv beautiful life that hollywood likes to sell, but the peaceful appreciation of the simple comforts... a frosty morning becomes a wonderfully cool afternoon full of sunshine and light breezes so that after giving four or five hours to the staff and clients at the houses (three houses we will likely learn to call "the cluster" in time), fixing a van door so they can go on an outing to universal studios on saturday and resetting circuit breakers for the eating area that went off when the smoke alarm triggered last night because somebody didn't watch the popcorn in the microwave so the refridgerator, freezer, and microwave work again (the fire department were not happy with us and i am not happy to pay for their emergency response and i'm gonna have to figure out why the circuit breakers blew come next week when maintenance is back at work, but clients and staff and house are safe so it's only money and a stern reminder about not leaving popcorn unattended) and setting up email groups for a couple of nurses and showing them how to use outlook and preparing packets for review for a new client referred to us to fill a bed when we transfer out a client early next month and a few other things and yeah, after those four or five hours i can sit out on the porch (or patio as we are on the ground floor and not up north) in shorts and a t-shirt feeling a wonderfully cool tingle of fall (as in autumn) in the air with happiness and curious laid out on their outdoor pillows enjoying the fresh air with me as they wait for dinner time we can all relax and enjoy the sun going down and twilight starting to twinkle all around...

yeah, it's a beautiful life :)

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