Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a day late is a year early

that is the text for this year's most popular belated birthday card in the hallmark store in my mind... and so i sing...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthdaze dear z0tl
happy birthday to mikey too

retiring from the greeting card business before i ever even applied for a job, my credentials are impeccable... a perfect work record... yes, they miss me and don't even know it... so i just wanted to say (it's two days late by now in zzzzz time zone) that i wish i could buy an island and build a big house where we could visit (or live... you could live there of course) and travel the world and shake the past loose from the shackles of the windmills of the mind (remember that sound, spinning music and lyric) and share a smile again... that goes for the rest of you too, but today... and yesterday... and the day before... it's all for the z man, mikey b...

gonna go get some food now, just getting back from softball after work... laterz :)


z0tl said...

thank you very much for the birthdaze wishes. these days i'm an old fart spending my dayz in a daze. oh well, i shouldn't complain too much, it could really get a lot worse.

i hope the work place stays happy and you stay healthy so you can continue your softball career on the side and enjoy life to its fullest.

candoor said...

you iz z man, z-man :)

i was an old fart once, in fact, more than once, but it somehow passed... i think i just started pretending not to be... and then it became real... or just a good enough delusion to fool me... and a few others i suppose :)

i just like climbing over the challenges more than i like farting around :)

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