Thursday, November 14, 2013

still working

creating a 12-hour nursing schedule presentation in excel for the DON to present tomorrow, but i've got a feeling i will be presenting it as our DON has lots of growth and learning to do before she can win over the team of diverse and sometimes old school (as in know-it-all) nurses... working on it in between meetings and greetings and assorted other administrative stuff and hopefully i didn't miss much or make too many errors (can it be perfect?... perhaps) and now, time to rush through rush hour traffic (and maybe get some dinner, spending more money cuz i don't pack lunches or dinners), and probably gonna eat junk or at least junkish food cuz there isn't much healthy food easily found in the ghetto (and his mama cried) and that is where i must travel through to get from work to the field on thursday nights... skipped lunch again to continue working and meeting and working and just getting done with what is needed for early tomorrow morning so old habits die hard (or i might)...

still loving this job... imperfections and all... hope you are happy today :)

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