Thursday, November 28, 2013

dumb dog

i would be enjoying this relaxing morning at home more if happiness was not pouncing up every time i stand up... he obviously missing mommy and feels needy and wants more attention than usual (and he's a big attention seeker), but he also loves being outside... i took him out early this morning cuz he was begging hard and he walked around in the 33 degree cold for a while but he refused to poop so all morning he's been begging to go out again and he is lucky i did not have to head into work after his first walk or he would be one sick puppy tonight since he didn't poop when i took him out last night either and i would not likely be home too early tonight... and I'd have a stinky mess to clean up after a long day at work... no freedom for a dog owner, that's for sure... no wonder why some dog owners get so insensitive... and yet dogs are so dumb they just take abuse and wait for the next pat on the head soaking up whatever few moments each day they might get some love... then again, loyalty and unconditional love are not so dumb after all, if only humans understood (can learn a lot from a dumb dog)... he's lucky he's so off the charts lovable, true dat... lol :)

i mean, there's no picking up and taking a ride somewhere or just impulsively heading to the beach or somewhere for a late night or overnight cuz the dog needs walking and both dog and cat need feeding... jackson is out of town with her parents... she heads up to visit them at least a few times a year... she'd have to take the animals with her if i was not around and they have a lot of animals up there so it's easier and better for our kids to stay here... she's away a lot an has two kids, so same situation when she goes to sanford's too adding in which would mean a heck of a lot more expensive driving to come here to pick them up and drive them down there a couple of times a week, at least... she's lucky she's so off the charts lovable too, mostly... lol :)

i think being chilled has me grumpy... lonely, me? lol... at least I am laughing... happy... silly too... sitting here in a jacket until the heat kicks in and warms the place... the kitchen window was open and this place has very poor weather seals, so a lot of the 33 degrees got inside overnight and i just noticed how cold i was a little while ago as my toes and fingers were numb... first time putting heat on this season... i am cooking pasta to warm me up... then another hot shower... then dress warm and head out to work for a while to support and thank staff for working the holiday and let the clients know they are loved even if they don't have family or visitor or anything much outside of our care... they're lucky i'm such a dumb dog, no doubt... lol lam :)

hope life is smiling for you (make it smile :)

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