Thursday, May 23, 2013

wednesday night softball summary

so summing up the wednesday night league, we finished 2-6 for the regular season and lost five of those games by less than 3 runs and three of those games by just 1 run... Only the #1 team beat us in our first game by more than 3 runs... in the playoffs we went 2-2 giving us the third best record as we eliminared two of the four other teams before being eliminated by the 2nd place team (Gators) largely because of our errors and less hitting in a second game in the rain... everyone was exhausted and dripping wet and the ball was very slippery, but those are the games that must be won to get to a championship game and to win a championship... what is good about the stats is we were in every game except one right to the last at bat, so if everyone shows up on time and ready to play (which isn't always easy on a wednesday evening rushing through traffic from work, so the luck of the traffic and how far away people work and what kind of day it was plays a big factor in the outcome of games), we can be competitive in this league... though the #1 team should be in another league by all fairness as they are better players (7-1 regular season, 4-0 in the playoffs with the second best team going 4-4 in the regular season and 2-2 in the playoffs)... it would be much more fun it is was a more balanced league, but at least there is some balance in four of the five teams...

supposedly the teams on the other field are in a lower level than we are, but with our finish in the playoffs i don't think we belong there (though for some reason they got to play 10 games and we only got to play 8, so i am going to see if they pay more or if they simply get a better deal in which case, the county needs to explain why... in fact, every other league played at least a 9 game season and most played a 10 games season, so it we were charged the same as all the others, there is some s'plaining to do)... the other wednesday league had 6 teams and much greater disparity (their records were 9-1, 8-2, 7-3, 4-6, 2-8, 0-10, though it looks like the 0-10 team forfeited every game, giving the 2-8 team their only wins and the 4-6 team two of their wins... every one of their games was scheduled for 5:30pm so they apparently could not make it, but somehow the other teams did and got extra wins)... seems that the top three teams ought to move up and we have a right to ask to move down finishing last in the regular season, so i'll talk to our coach so she can check with the league about the balance...

0-1 Beer Slugs 18 Who Gives A Hit 8 (L) -10
0-2 WMD 20 Who Gives A Hit 19 (L) -1
Double header rainout
1-2 Who Gives A Hit 13 Gators 12 (W) +1
2-2 Who Gives A Hit 15 WMD 9 (W) +6
2-3 Gators 14 Who Gives A Hit 13 (L) -1
Rescheduled game
2-4 Who Gives A Hit 8 Seminoles 9 (L) -1
2-5 Who Gives A Hit 9 Beer Slugs 12 (L) -3
2-6 Seminoles 7 Who Gives A Hit 4 (L) -3

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