Monday, May 20, 2013

a dog's life

we play for hours each day most days since i've been home (not out working) and then i want to do something else and when he finally gets tired of staring at me begging for attention, especially as darkness falls, he sits by the door waiting for his mommy and she doesn't come home... i can walk him for twenty minutes and five minutes after he comes back in panting and overheating he is staring for more attention... i can play with him for a few minutes (he stops cuz he's old) and i see he's exhausted and five minutes later he is sitting up panting and staring and begging for attention... i feed him and he wants human food, but he's not allowed due to his veterinary special diet... he lays down next to me and i can pet him and scratch him for a solid hour and he'll beg for more... alas, he's a seriously social happy dog, beaming and bouncing whenever people are around, but i see the sadness and loneliness now that i am home so much more...

sigh, a dog's life is not as rosy as the old saying goes :}

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