Friday, May 24, 2013

no sleep yet

but soon i hope... ok, so i laid down after a nice shower and was not immediately sleepy so i decided to do some self-physical therapy and the arm hurt but feels good hurt cuz of the stretching and that went away after a half hour or so and by then i was out of bed saying hi to jackson who i hardly saw all week and i found out she will be gone until next week, maybe wednesday, because she's staying at sanford's place doing a garage sale tomorrow and something else sunday and a party monday and she usually stays there tuesday so i won't see her and hopefully she is making the changes in habits that she wants to make cuz i amk not seeing it here, alas, and we found out that her apples leaked in the fruit drawer in the fridge so i have a project before i go to bed (wash the other packages that were in that drawer and wash the drawer and wash the kitchen floor cuz it dripped on the floor and wash the sink full of dishes she left and so i get to pay all the bills and do most of the cleaning and am i getting taken advantage of here or what?... laughing, the answer is yes, actually...

what else to say but... narf :)

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