Thursday, May 16, 2013

superficial as we wanna be

a 4am entry, no doubt... worth repeating, i think... if you don't like the music, turn it off... so maybe the entries have been superficial and trivial of late... definitely some... definitely not others, but who can tell with my love of secret obscurities and buried links and such... mostly i'd rather enjoy myself than lament over missing sharing and missing music and missing people who share intimacy through lyrical magic and eye contact and all the fun of the fairs, or something like that... loving music saves me (saved by the music, remember me, my friend?)... i listen to the mixes (this one auto-plays, just so you know) people have made for me (and other random music i find that touches me) and those i made that i can still access (missing those, like the stolen child, kept out of my reach so far away)... and even though the people who made the mixes do not share what they shared anymore (or maybe they never really listened to the words) and nobody around here shares musical meanings and messages the way they can be shared (the way i do), the bliss can still be found inside... so life outside stays the shallows mostly... but deep down, you know why i really come here...

listening to the song above? (there's always hope)... how many times has the chorus been asked of me, more than i can count... so narf... and lol... and lam... and really? (with apologies for myspace commercials)... yup, secrets and sighs :)

after all, somebody might wave back :)

click to listen to another song about why i am here

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