Saturday, May 25, 2013

addictive personality

i have not connected my xbox because i can get addicted to ncaa football (and other games) and i am being stupidly proper in not completely losing myself in this time away from the working rat race... what reminds me of this is the ruzzle game on my phone that i dove into tonight with somewhat reckless abandon and now have dozens of random players playing ruzzle with me... i can tell i will bore of it rather quickly so it was safe... but why not spend a few weeks lost in the ncaa football game since i am spending chuncks of my savings to enjoy all this free time?... good question... great excuse for the moment is the arm injury... and the callouses that form on my pitching hand when i start getting carried away playing the game for hours (like 48 hours straight), but then, there is the video game diet that has inadvertently had me fasting and grabbing super quick meals like yogurt and other light stuff rather than pause the game... on one hand though i don't want to isolate myself too much from people cuz i can get lonely... on another hand that isolation is exactly what i needs to refocus my patterns and habits on healthy ways... yeah, there are pros and cons...

and how are you? :)

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